History of Hats

Hat which we use in day to day life,whenever we go out in the hot sun.Hat is noting but a form of headdress or which is used to cover our head, and it especially has a crown and brim. Similar to all the other headdresses, hats are used for several purposes and mainly it is used as ornaments, for protection, or to indicate status.


According to the historical view,the earliest known brimmed hat is the Greek petasos,and it was usually worn by travelers and they are tied under the chin. Apart form this hat other types of hat includes the cone-shaped, forward-slanting cap and these are originated in Phrygia and mainly these are presented toRoman slaves upon manumission.Normally this type of cap was adopted as the “liberty cap” of the French revolutionists and apart from that it was also served as a symbol of liberty in the United States in the 17th century.

Woolen hoods, turban like chaperons and Student's cap are mainly used by men during the medieval period in Europe.During the Renaissance period, the hat for men included the soft, flat caps called Tudor bonnets and after that the full-crowned brimmed hats decorated which contains feathers or brooches were used by both men and women.

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